Events in Honor of Senior Corporal Norm Smith

Candlelight vigil: Thursday, 7PM at DPD Headquarters

Funeral: Friday at 11AM at the Potter’s House. He will be buried in the Garden of Honor at Restland Cemetery.

Sr. Cpl. Smith’s car is parked in front of the DPD HQ for anyone that wants to place a memorial.

For those that want to make a financial contribution, the Norman S. Smith Memorial Fund has been set up at the City Credit Union.


2 Responses to “Events in Honor of Senior Corporal Norm Smith”

  1. rawlins Says:

    Every time a Dallas Police officer is killed, I think , “What a senseless horrible tragic loss.” The neighborhood cop killed in Oak Cliff a couple years ago that was mourned in every business window I saw in the Bishop Arts, etc. He mattered to them. The last one who was in the Clinton motorcade and died on his motorcycle. But this one is, if possible, the final straw. Because the people who killed him didn’t care. And the people who lost him truly cared.Chief Kunkle’s pain was as clear as this fallen man’s honor; he said his friend, in his eyes, was ‘invincible’. That the love between him and his wife was ‘magical’. Those are the kinds of words that good men use to describe heroes. We cannot allow our children to be so disposable that they grow up to not care. How much you bet the murderer’s heroes were the kind of people who kill ours? God help us. Rest in peace.

  2. El Rey in Big D Says:

    Thank you Rawlins, for putting our communities thoughts into words.Thank you Michael (and Dwaine) for being at the hospital to represent our side of town in expressing our concern and grief.I was hosting our crimewatch meeting and my neighbors were wondering where our favorite NPO (Neighborhood Police Officer, Officer Lucas) was. I knew he was called away to something more important. After the meeting, when I turned on the news, did I find out how much more important things were. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of our fallen hero.

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