An Open Letter to ONCOR Electric

Thank you for our $563.00 December electric bill for one month’s power in our humble abode.

Please fix the lights on Red Bird Lane south of the airport which have been out for months, and fix the light pole next to them before it falls into the street. These are the same ones that were reported to Oncor weeks ago.

By the way, the light fixture that I reported as dangling from the socket (shown below) did in fact fall into the street and median. Fortunately no one was hurt.


One Response to “An Open Letter to ONCOR Electric”

  1. mrs. mary mack Says:

    LOL What’s sad is I wrote a blog about the same company paired with TXU Electric, and starting the very next day they hit my blog SEVERAL times. Apparently they have some sort of name tracking device that seeks out publicity about them- so you may just get a response.

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