Dwaine Caraway Closes Illegal Truck Parking Lot

In the Glen Oaks section of District Four, a truck parking lot has been allowed to exist since January of 2003. The lot was located across from Big T Bazaar at Oak Park and Rockport (map).

It was illegally operating as a commercial vehicle storage lot. As Dwaine worked with the city attorney’s office to resolve the issue, the owner started to put more vehicles on the lot. Clearly this was an untenable situation.

Would you want this next to your home?

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For years, the neighbors were forced to endure this blighted site as the entryway to their community. In addition to being an illegal storage site for 18-wheelers and school buses, the owner also thought it was OK to store pit bulls and allow an illegal housing shack on the site.

Dwaine Caraway made its shutdown a priority, and in 30 days it will be a memory. Dwaine has ordered that the Certificate of Occupancy be revoked, and the lot will be closed.

We have consistently stated that neighborhoods can’t get the development that they desire if the area is not cleaned up. This site was holding back the entire I-35 & Ledbetter intersection; now we can continue to progress toward a more commercially vibrant community.


2 Responses to “Dwaine Caraway Closes Illegal Truck Parking Lot”

  1. tracy Says:

    I noticed the date on the article was December 2008. I am a concerned citizen in the neighborhood, as of May 2009 the lot still shows activity!

  2. Michael Davis-Dallas Progress Says:

    That’s because the owner appealed in court and the case is working it’s way through the system.

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