Once Again, Jim Schutze Disrespects Southern Dallas

In this week’s issue of the Dallas Observer, Jim Schutze had this to say about about southern Dallas:

“This guy is trying to change southern Dallas from an impoverished Third World slum into a boomtown.”

More after the jump.

So southern Dallas is “a third world slum?” Wow. Is that really where we are right now? Tell us what you really think about us?

Every part of town has neighborhoods that need work, but to denigrate my part of town for the sake of an article is disrespectful but quite typical of Schutze.

It’s easy to throw stones in your comfortable little bubble while the rest of us do the real work. But such a statement really reveals the true nature of a person that could care less about what happens to our part of the city.

For all of their posturing, the Observer actually has the least diverse base of writers in the city. The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, and all of the other major publications employ writers of diverse backgrounds through direct hires or freelance articles.

Fortunately, we have many people who live all over the city that have a higher regard for those of us that live on the other side of the Trinity. People that actually do real work in this city, including other local media personalities that put off-camera time into contributing socially to southern Dallas.

When hate is deep in your heart, those types of aforementioned phrases slip out from time to time. I’m not surprised at this point, just stating the obvious.


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