DART: Buy the CNG Buses

Right now, there is a big debate at DART regarding the choice between purchasing compressed natural gas (CNG) buses or buses powered by diesel fuel. To me, while there may be a cost difference in buying CNG buses it’s still a no-brainer.

I can’t believe that in this day and time we as a region are considering purchasing buses that run off of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is foreign oil. So-called “clean diesel” is still diesel, and therefore is still foreign oil. Natural gas is an American resource.

The life-cycle for this proposed bus fleet is said to be twelve years. Who wants to still be running diesel buses in Dallas in the year 2020?

Throughout our nation, we have been beholden to foreign oil interests and when the price goes up we all feel the pain. Automakers and other industries are being forced to retool and become more fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible. Why wouldn’t DART follow the lead of the City of Dallas as well as other area municipal transit organizations and buy CNG buses?


One Response to “DART: Buy the CNG Buses”

  1. RobertB Says:

    I’m torn on the CNG vs. Diesel issue, and I hope the DART board and staff are truly reviewing all the issues (and not just checking their wallets to see which vested interests have added the most padding). But there’s another factor in Diesel’s favor: it doesn’t necessarily come from foreign sources. Biodiesel is domestically produced, and carbon-neutral to boot.The Barnett Shale will eventually run out, and CNG prices will become just as volatile as petrodiesel. Biodiesel, on the other hand, can come from several feedstocks (not just corn, which is wasteful), and will still be around after the last cubic foot of CNG is burned away.CNG may still be the better choice, but it’s hardly a no-brainer.

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