Too Many Questions and not Enough Answers

I’m tired of seeing women get killed. A single mother that left behind two beautiful kids. A black queen…gone. For no reason at all.

Today at Wyshina’s funeral, over 500 people showed up. The Dallas Morning News wrote a special editorial yesterday; that’s the type of person she was. When you see grown men breaking down at the podium, you can see the effect that a person had on an entire community.

I read a resolution and gave the family a plaque on behalf of the city and Deputy Mayor, but in some ways it felt hollow because I couldn’t ease the pain. I can make a lot of things move in this city, but when you look at a family in a time like this and you have no answers not much else matters.

In many situations in this city, people look to me for leadership. Just like back home in North Philly, I was always the leader. But to whom do we look when we need guidance? This is the seventh funeral I have been to in eight months.

Times like this take me back to when I was in Philly. I go back home and it’s routine…see the family, hit the hood, and get the update of who’s in jail, who got murdered…a cycle that will always be a part of my life.

This thing is personal to me. If you ever met me, you know that from the streets to City Hall it’s all real with me. It makes me grateful for the life I have, because you never know when it will be taken away from you.


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