Brothers Chicken is Gone?

I had heard rumblings of this, but a post from Teresa at Pegasus confirms it: Brothers Chicken on Gaston is closed. Teresa talked to one of the owners, who confirmed that it was due to the economic climate.

Brother’s was my favorite chicken place. Your favorite restaurant places are the constants in your life as you get older and try to remain cool. I just got over Chip’s on Cole being closed.

Some things about Brothers stick out in my mind: The friendly saleslady with the candy-colored car always made sure you had enough seasoning on the fries, and always cooked new chicken for you if there were only a couple of pieces left. The best cherry limeade in the city. The peppers that were ridiculously hot.

Gone are the picnics with Brothers chicken my wife and I used to have at Exall Park. The memories.

Remember the withdrawal we all suffered when they closed for a while when a car drove through the front of the store? I felt your pain. The time they were down to ‘wings only’ for two weeks when they got a great review in the paper…I was right there with you.

I am depending on Brothers to re-open somewhere else in the future. There’s always hope.

All the cool spots are closing one by one.


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