One Last Pre-Election Post, One Last Electoral Map

Can you believe that Election Day is tomorrow? It’s been a long race – I’m so proud of all of the people that are engaged and voting. I’m still unsure that the 6-8 hour lines to early vote in some states are also the product of poor planning by local election officials.

Here’s one final election map from yours truly:

On Friday 10/24 I had Obama 349-189.
On Tuesday 10/14 I had Obama 333-205.

Today, I have it at 333-205. The main difference is that I have 262 solid electoral votes for Obama, vs 238 ten days ago.

Sorry to tell you once again….McCain has no shot of winning Pennsylvania. The Palin pick has hurt McCain in the Philly suburbs, which along with Philadelphia make up almost 40% of the vote in the state. Virginia is essentially out of reach. I personally think Texas and Arizona will be a lot closer than most people think.

Here’s the schedule for polls closing from the SwingStateProject (H/T to the Huffington Post).

The first states to report are Indiana and Kentucky, then Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Ohio is scheduled for 630PM Central. If Georgia, Virginia, and Florida go for Obama, there’s no need to watch the rest. If they go for McCain, then prepare to be up for a while.


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