James Fantroy, R.I.P.

James Fantroy, the former city councilman for District 8, passed away today. He did a lot of good in southern Dallas, and I’m glad that Channel 8 and the DMN at least tried to talk about it and not just the controversy.

For those that don’t know, he is responsible for (among other things):

  • The Wal-Mart on Wheatland near 67.
  • The new Target and coming shopping center at Hampton & Wheatland.
  • The Inland Port in southern Dallas County.
  • The new South Central police division and station near Camp Wisdom & Lancaster.
  • The new fire station on Hampton, just north of Wheatland.

On the last city council, he was the only one to speak up in support of our efforts to get rid of the hot-sheet motels.

When I last saw him and got a chance to talk with him, I’m glad I got to thank him for helping to give me a start when no one else would. I appreciated the talks and encouragement when I first made my way into Dallas politics. I won’t forget the talk we had the night of the election in 2005.

Thanks for spending time and sharing with me when you didn’t have to. One day it will all make sense.


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