Dead Man’s Curve: It’s Time to Go

By now, many of you have seen footage of the tanker crash and fire on Dead Man’s Curve in South Dallas. This is where 175/CF Hawn makes a 90-degree turn before its merge with 310.

Check out the street view. You can see the skid marks on the highway.

View Larger Map

For those of us that drive it regularly, Dead Man’s Curve is treacherous. For every accident, there are likely several close calls. Negotiating this curve in the rain will make you contemplate your life insurance policy. Seriously, it’s long overdue for this curve to be torn down. There are plans to do so as part of the Trinity Tollway project, but that’s not scheduled until 2010.

As it stands, the highway merge will be shut down for at least six months.

The road should have never been built in this fashion. This unfortunate accident gives us a chance to end a terrible piece of road construction once and for all.


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