My Electoral Map – Thursday 10/9

As always, we try to step up our game around here from time to time.

This is something that I will be doing on a regular basis. Here is my electoral map as of today. It’s partially based on polls, but also based on my feel of what I’m seeing around the country.

This map shows that Obama wins by a good margin. Keep in mind that McCain still has Ohio and Indiana in his column.

Leaning Obama states: Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina.

Leaning McCain states: Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida.

Possible states to shift to Obama in the next two weeks: Florida (27 votes), Ohio (20 votes).

States that McCain must flip to his column (while holding all of his current states) to have a shot: Nevada (5 votes), North Carolina (15 votes), Virginia (13 votes). In other words, McCain’s has a tough road ahead of him. If Florida or Ohio moves toward Obama, it’s a wrap.


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