Tim O’Hare doesn’t Want Farmers Branch to "be like Oak Cliff"

Thanks to our buddy Tim Rogers at D Magazine’s Frontburner blog, we have learned that Farmers Branch Mayor Tim O’Hare doesn’t want his town to become another Oak Cliff.

As you know, various groups in Farmers Branch have been fighting each other at the ballot box and in the courthouse over wanting to enforce immigration rules.

I’m not getting into that discussion here, but I will get into what O’Hare wrote in an e-mail that was unearthed when a TRO was filed in this case. Tim Rogers unearthed the following nugget of moronic opining in said e-mail by the Mayor of Farmers Branch:

My family has been here since 1956 and almost everyone that I consider family lives here. I don’t want us to have to move. I don’t want to have to live somewhere else. But, I’m not going to live in Oak Cliff, which is what we are becoming and going to become if we don’t make some serious changes and spend some money.

Aaaaah, the Peter Principle rears its head once again. Tim O’Hare is one of its most recent examples.

Tim is too much of a moron to turn Farmers Branch into Oak Cliff. I’m curious, doesn’t O’Hare want FB to turn into an area, like Oak Cliff, that has the following qualities:

  • Diversity
  • Cool places to go
  • Is on the upswing
  • All types of housing stock from affordable to high-end
  • The best views in the city
  • Quick commutes
  • Has a brand new and growing college campus (UNT-Dallas)

First off, I wonder when was the last time that O’Hare has actually been to Oak Cliff. Maybe he can check it out after he leaves his Carrollton law office.

Carrollton? Yes, Carrollton. O’Hare, as a former city councilperson and now mayor of Farmers Branch, operates his law office in Carrollton. It’s not a money thing, as he found time to buy a building and relocate this past spring in between e-mails. Before Carrollton, his office (according to the same e-mail mentioned above) was in North Dallas. That shows you he doesn’t know what he’s doing. How can you possibly attract businesses to your city when you won’t even operate your own business within the city limits. That would be like our Mayor having his main office in Grand Prairie.

O’Hare is an embarrassment to the good people that live in Farmers Branch and are working hard to improve it.

Sure, Oak Cliff has its faults but I’m curious what type of town O’Hare does want Farmers Branch to become. Maybe he can explain that, since he has already said what he doesn’t want the city to represent.


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