Chips on Cole – One of My Favorite Spots in Dallas is Closing

As you can see, this is a cup from Chips on Cole Avenue. As you may have heard, Chip’s on Cole is closing. Nancy at D Magazine has confirmed the closing date as September 30th. According to whom you ask the rent was doubled or tripled and after 10 years on Cole they are closing up shop.

While I do like some fancier places, this is my favorite place to eat in Dallas. From what I’ve learned, it’s one of the most famous burger spots in Dallas, and has been around since 1981.

I guess since I’ve moved out of the neighborhood I’m not the frequent customer I used to be. When I lived there, the main guy behind the counter knew my name and remembered what I ordered. When I traveled on the road and got back to town, I’d leave the airport and grab my Chip’s before I took my bags home.

I know that there’s another location on Lovers, but to me this one is better. So is the parking and the walk-around aspect of being in that neighborhood. One of the coolest things to do in Dallas on a Sunday afternoon or early evening is to sit outside Chips as the cars and people roll by on Cole Avenue. I can’t imagine doing that as people hop the curb in their attempts to make it to the tollway off of Lovers Lane. Don’t get it twisted… I will be buying my burgers from there, but the location will make me work for it.

In the end, all we have is great memories. I always thought that I would take my future kids to Chip’s and it would be our spot, just like my Dad and I have certain spots in Philly. Everything that I loved about living in Knox-Henderson is closing little by little. I wonder now if Wild about Harry’s on Knox is next.


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