Congrats to Cedar Vista

Rudy Bush at the DMN reports that the Cedar Vista neighborhood, which is located just north of I-20 & Cedar Ridge in Southwest Dallas, has gotten a victory regarding the “moonscape.”

In short, the trees were cleared for a high-end SFR development, never replaced, and the bank foreclosed on the property. They call it the moonscape, because it literally looks like the surface of the moon. You can view the moonscape here on Google Maps (satellite view).

This has been chronicled by the DMN, the Oak Cliff Tribune, and others. The decision was made at the Board of Adjustment to require the bank to keep the original agreement to transfer land to the Parks Dept and plant trees as the houses get built.

The Cedar Vista neighborhood has been in front of the City Plan Commission on several occasions, and I always admired their determination. I’m glad they won this case, which they have been working on for quite some time.


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