A Busy Week at City Hall

There are a few things coming up this week at City Hall which are interesting.

The Convenience Store Crime Ordinance is presented to the Public Safety Committee. Channel 8 News reports on this. I have written about convenience store crime as well as this ordinance in the past. The Task Force has done a great job in tackling this issue.

There is an update on ‘No Refusal DWI Patrols.’ Another effort is planned for Labor Day weekend.

Reunion Arena should be demolished by the end of 2009. Actual demo will take about 9 months. The city is continuing to look at the option of refurbishing the Dallas Convention Center Arena to compete with smaller venues like Nokia for concerts and other events.

The housing committee looks at “Permanent Supportive Housing,” which focuses on housing the homeless throughout the various council districts.

More after the jump.

Convenience Store Crime Task Force
As we meet with convenience store owners in the district, many of them claim to be powerless at getting rid or crime. Some have said that they are scared to call 911 because they are by themselves. In the past, because the store is technically “private property” DPD has not been able to issue Criminal Trespass warnings.

There are certain parts of this new ordinance that permit the police to address the issue of people hanging around the store and looking for trouble.

Definition of Convenience Store:
Primarily engaged in the retail sale of convenience goods
and/or gasoline and less than 10,000 square feet of retail
floor space.

1. Registration of Convenience Stores
– Must register with Dallas Police Department (no registration fee).

2. Surveillance Camera System (18 month grace period)
3. Video Recording and Storage (18 month grace period)
24 hour operation, minimum 30 day retention

4. Alarm System (18 month grace period)
– Silent panic or holdup alarm; Signage and permit required

5. Drop Safe (18 month grace period)
– Bolted to floor, Signage required
6. Security Signs and Height Markers
– No Trespassing/No Soliciting
– Height markers

7. Visibility (reduced window clutter per the new sign ordinance)

8. Employee Safety
– Employee safety training program, approved by DPD

9. Criminal Trespass (CT) Affidavit Program
– Chronic offenders
– Mandatory


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