Lancaster Road Motels Officially Sold

What started as a grassroots effort more than a year ago has now come to fruition.

As of last week, the motels across from the VA Hospital have now been sold. Demolition will begin next month, and a job center along with commercial space will be built in its place.

I appreciate those that were on the front line along with me and Dwaine. Bishop Larry McGriff, Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks, ACORN, and all of the church leaders that rallied when some said it couldn’t be done…we did it! Thanks also to the Dallas City Attorneys who vigorously defended the ridiculous lawsuits filed by the motel owners. It’s a lot harder to be out front on something like this, and your help and support is appreciated.

This was the goal all along – to rid the community of problem places so that new development can take place. There are several projects now moving forward on Lancaster, and not too long ago the corridor was not a even a focal point for the city. This is what “One Block at a Time” is all about.


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