Community Cleanup: Before and After

Over the last couple of weeks, things have been moving forward in District Four.

This is the most recent drug house that has been taken down. It is located at near Alabama & McVey (map), in an area that was recently written about in the Dallas Morning News (see point #11 in article) and other places. Here is the before and after.

Before (notice the random drug dealers sitting next to the house) – from Google Maps


There is a little trash left over, but it’s been picked up.

It’s one house, and there is a lot more work to do. But you can only do one house at a time; anyone who lives in District Four knows that this happens on a fairly regular basis.

You’ve also heard about the new sign ordinance which was championed by Dwaine Caraway and was part of the 20-point plan.

It was written about in the Dallas Morning News as well as many other places including in this news story with Ken Kalthoff at NBC5.

While stores have been given a year to comply, our Deputy Mayor has talked to many of the store owners in District Four and many have agreed to take down the signs ahead of time.

The store in these pictures is located in the 700 block of East Ann Arbor (map), and is also featured in the NBC5 story. Look at the before and after.

Before (I got this one from Google Maps also)


This was taken one week after Dwaine’s visit. It’s good to see that some of the business owners care about not having a trashy, blighted community.


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