DART should Check All Train Tickets

A few weeks back, I wrote about various issues regarding ways that DART could raise revenue. One of which was getting more aggressive in checking for tickets at all locations.

I saw this letter in today’s DMN letters section. Check it out:

I’m for checking tickets

When are the riders rather than the taxpayers going to start paying for public transportation? This is a disgrace.

I ride DART from the Forest/Jupiter station in Garland to downtown. I buy a ticket every time. I am never checked and neither are any of the others on the train.

In fact, I don’t ever see a ticket checker on board. People tell me I am foolish to buy the ticket, but I feel I should. I think DART does not check in order to boost ridership, or at least not discourage it, so they can lobby for higher taxes based on increased ridership. I think non-riders don’t care so they can get more people on DART and off the streets, so they can drive their cars on less-traveled streets.

Don Huschle, Garland


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