Jerry Allen – Why the Hostility?

It seems like every time there is a controversial zoning issue in Lake Highlands, there is a group of people that wants to come out against Councilman Jerry Allen with some reference to next year’s election.

What I see is someone that listens to all sides and tries to come up with the best possible solution, and in the end he has the guts to make the tough call. Everyone ruffles some feathers from time to time, but in the end you can’t deny that he cares about Lake Highlands and the rest of his district. His assistant, Patricia Love, is always available when you have questions or need some help.

While I’m not a District 10 resident, half of my family has lived in District 10 for over 50 years and are pleased with having Mr. Allen as the councilman. When there’s an issue he gets right on top of it, especially when it comes to neighborhood safety.

Jerry Allen is a class act that listens to all sides and represents his district well. That’s what you want in a councilperson, right?


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