Does Open Mic Time Mean You Get to Curse?

I feel that the policy regarding open mic time at City Council should be addressed.

I know there is a policy in place, but people are taking advantage of the fact that the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and Deputy Pro Tem usually let people finish their “speeches.”

I propose the microphone audio get cut the minute someone curses during the open time period. A few weeks ago, one of these people (guess who…yeah, him) cursed a blue streak as 100 elementary stunned school kids on a field trip looked on during their trip to City Council.

Is that the civics lesson we want to give our kids?

Put the “every week” people at the end of the meeting with no end of meeting exemption, once per month. Then the kids are gone, at least. And the people with real concerns get their chance to address the council in the morning.


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