No More Slurpees on the Katy Trail

The DMN reports that Steve Shafer of Shafer Property bought the Knox-Travis site (map) that held the 7-Eleven as well as Bill’s, my favorite flower shop. I’m not sure if he bought the vacant lot next to Bill’s on Travis. Shafer is planning a 60,000 SF office/retail development.

I’m not mad at Shafer at all for doing his thing. Sites gets redeveloped, development moves forward. There’s a 7-Eleven down the street on Fitzhugh but we all have our favorite spots to which we get attached.

When I lived in Knox-Henderson, this was the place where you stopped after coming off of the trail on a hot day. It was also the site of almost every bouquet of flowers I bought for my wife.

I have already read that the 7/11 was being torn down as this is being typed. I’ll be interested to see how the rendering looks and hope the new building will preserve the character of the area.


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