Thank You District Four

Thanks to the residents of District Four and the city staff for making the South Oak Cliff townhall meeting a success.

Over 300 people came out on a hot Saturday morning to get an update on various issues in the community. A special thanks to all of the seniors that attended even though they used walkers, canes, and the like.

As everyone that is involved in District Four firsthand knows, we’ve been at countless neighborhood meetings all over the district even before Dwaine took office. These meetings are a chance for surrounding neighborhoods to get together and work for progress on a larger basis. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, this isn’t anything new.

As always, 311 complaints were taken by city employees and reported in real-time. Drug houses were listed. Lighting issues were reported.

Thanks to Chief Scott and her South Central Division officers for being available and addressing all issues that were presented. Thanks to Stephanie Pegues, Katina Johnson, and all of the various city departments that were represented and took note of every issue that was raised.

We appreciate all of the kudos for the work that is being done, but it happens because citizens are willing to stand up and take an active role in cleaning up the community and city employees are doing their best to address the needs of District Four.

After a year of being in office, District Four residents can see the improvement. Yes, we have an incredible backlog but block by block things are improving.

Our residents are not afraid. They stand united and are working to continue to improve District Four “One Block at a Time!”


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