Protect Your Home

Here’s a link to an article that has a lot of great info about securing your home and preventing “kick-in” burglaries. Spending a few hundred dollars can prevent a much higher loss due to burglary; it’s cheaper than losing all of your valuables as well as your piece of mind.

This makes me think back to last holiday season. A neighbor of mine had her door kicked in and someone stole all of her Christmas gifts. She was hysterical; her screams are what prompted me to go check on her.

She cried on my shoulder as I called the police for her, since she was having some difficulty with 911 since she didn’t speak English and was emotionally distraught about the situation. My wife sat with her as I waited for the police to come. It made me sad, but it also made me angry at the callousness of some people in this world that think it’s OK to take from others. These people aren’t crackheads; they are thugs that will do anything for a little bit of money.

Doing things like those mentioned in this article may help prevent other from this same fate.


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