Obama is Moving Closer

Depending on which news source that you check, Barack Obama is between 5-7 superdelegates short of being tied with Clinton, The CNN article indicates the lead is seven. This morning, MSNBC cites two new endorsements including one that switched from Clinton to Obama.

ABC, which admits that this is an imperfect science, is saying that Obama has the lead in superdelegates.

The margin according to Barack Obama.com is:
33 PLEDGED DELEGATES needed for a majority (of pledged delegates).
165 TOTAL DELEGATES needed for the nomination.

Time Magazine, as witnessed by this week’s cover, is calling the election.

Superdelegates are the last bastion of hope for Clinton; he is already comfortably ahead in pledged delegates and will likely have a majority after the Oregon election.

Shawn Williams of Dallas South has the links to the Time Magazine articles. I plan to get my copy today.


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