We Have Your Back

Yesterday, I saw these two posts from my friends Janet Morrison (link) and Sylvia Baylor (link). I wasn’t going to write anything regarding the DART bus fiasco because we don’t do this for
press, but after reading those posts I felt the need to write.

The bus hadn’t run through Turner Courts at night since last year. It’s about time!!!

To my Turner Courts family:

Thank you for your support of Dwaine and me. It means the world to us.

I love y’all like family. Every setback and every step forward in your neighborhood deeply affects me. I admire your determination, resilience, and faith.

I would never ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. The progress we have made in your neighborhood is as much a result of your hard work and dedication as it is ours.

Change in your neighborhood has been slow by our standards, but we will continue to push. We are trying to overcome years of neglect, and there are people that are still in positions that literally don’t care what happens to you.

I told y’all before last year’s elections that Dwaine was the truth. It’s about more than the cowboys stadium and other big-dollar projects with him. That’s why he was on that bus Monday night. As you have witnessed first-hand, you have the elected advocate that you have never had for your neighborhood.

No matter what people claim happened or didn’t happen during the course of city business, no many how many biased columns Jim Schutze or other haters write from week to week, it doesn’t register with us. The people in our District know what we do. And that’s what matters.


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