This Race is Over

Barack Obama crushed Clinton in North Carolina, and came very close to winning Indiana last night. Hillary is still wearing rose-colored glasses as witnessed by her speech last night, but numbers don’t lie.

The results:

North Carolina (99% reporting):
Obama 890,695 56% 58 pledged delegates

Clinton 657,920 42% 42 pledged delegates

Indiana (99% reporting):
Clinton 638,274 51% 37 pledged delegates

Obama 615,862 49% 33 pledged delegates

On the DMN Trailblazers blog, I predicted the following (my comments are at the 4:15PM mark).

North Carolina: Obama 56%- Clinton 44%
Indiana: Clinton 52%-Obama 48%

The democratic primary has now become a battle for superdelegates. According to CNN, Obama has 1,584 pledged delegates. A majority of all pledged delegates is 1,627 (according to He’s 43 pledged delegates from a majority with about 217 pledged delegates up for grabs. Who wants to bet that Obama gets 19-20% of the remaining delegates?

Dylan Lowe of Huffington Post says, “Obama cut into Clinton’s base dramatically. Hillary only won voters making less than $50,000 by a four point margin in Indiana.” That’s major.

New overnight news (h/t to Huffington Post for the links):

  • Obama shifts to a general-election mode (link).
  • Obama to hit states that are related to the general election in addition to upcoming primaries (link).
  • Associated Press reports that Clinton loaned her campaign $6.4 million in the last month (link).

Barack’s speech from Raleigh, NC (text here):


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