More on Imus

I thank all of you that sent your responses from all over the country.

It seems that the prevailing attitude is to ignore Imus and render him irrelevant.

This is exactly why I wanted to bounce this off of my nationwide people. To get a perspective. One of my favorite responses came from the AAPP, who said “forget about Don Imus he is yesterday’s news, unless we make him today’s news,” and Eddie Griffin who said, “another Imus boycott would be a standoff and a lot of time and energy wasted, plus the negative repercussions on the election.”

After some thought I agree with them – many of you have called him on his remarks but he doesn’t deserve our pub. Maybe he’s trying to inject himself into the conversation and get unmerited attention.

By the way, I hope you saw that Barack drew 35,000 people at his Philadelphia rally on Friday. My hometown made me proud; now it’s on to watching the PA primaries and beyond.


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