Tighter Sex Business Regulations in Dallas

On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council passed new laws that will further regulate the sleazy strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses in the city.

Among the highlights:

*An automatic one-year revocation of licenses for sexually oriented businesses found to be employing or entertaining minors.

*Prohibiting the operation of closed-door VIP rooms in which sexual performances or activity is taking place.

*Requiring any sexually oriented business owner to designate an official club operator who’s present during club operating hours and responsible for activity within the club.

*Requiring sexually oriented clubs to keep on file detailed records of all employees, including dancers. The employee records must include the person’s age, an original photo, valid driver’s license copy, fingerprints and a Texas criminal history report.

*A business can be shut down within 10 days after being cited for violations. Before it was 30 days.

Sharon Boyd of Dallas Arena also weighs in with some of the behind-the-scenes info and history of the fight against these types of businesses.

The businesses that are closed can appeal to the Permit License and Appeal Board and ultimately to District Court. However, as being privy to a similar process with the motels we’ve shut down, I can tell you that these seedy spots will only succeed in buying a few months until they are forced close for good.

These new rules will take effect on Monday! This change in laws wasn’t published by all local news sources; maybe they were busy on other things.

It’s a great day for the city when swift action can be taken against businesses that seek to harm our communities and the people within them.


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