Don Imus is at it Again

This time, Imus uses expletives to describe Barack Obama on his radio show, words that we don’t use on this website.

Imus wanted attention, and now he’s got it. It’s time we ended this nonsense and ignorant discourse in what should be a great time in our nation’s politics.

I am calling on my political blogger nation (and we are deep, believe me) to put an end to Don Imus’ career, once and for all. The nationwide political blogger groups should be called into action.

Link to the video is here (from MediaMatters).

Please link to this post and put the info out to your readers and sources. Just like Dunbar Village, the war against B.E.T. and other topics, it’s time for us bloggers to take the lead and make the establishment stand up and take notice. Join us in calling for the end of Imus’ hate-radio career.


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