Code Compliance has Great Plans

I just read the briefing that was presented by Dallas’ Code Compliance department. They are really moving forward!

Code Compliance Director Forest Turner and his team are really putting some progressive plans together to improve and monitor code compliance. They include:

  • Putting code department areas in five area community offices and having them work specific geographic areas in divisions, similar to DPD (although DPD has seven divisions it’s the same concept). Four of the five areas, with the exception of Central, will have three sub-areas.
  • Working with DPD to create more safety for code officers. Being a code officer is a risky job, and sometimes they need law enforcement backup.
  • Building community relationships to mitigate issues before they become neighborhood nuisances.
  • After hours enforcement of code.
  • Maintaining a Top 500 list of the worst properties and constantly monitoring and abating the problems with respect to those properties.
  • Re-initiating the crushing of seized junk vehicles so they don’t return to the neighborhood.
  • Broadening the definition of ‘urban nuisance’ to eradicate repeat code offenders.

A couple of Dwaine’s campaign ideas are also coming to pass:

  • A forthcoming proposal to amend the sign ordinance so that stores aren’t covered in cigarette, liquor, and other advertisements.
  • Having animal control patrolling neighborhoods from 6-9AM, when dangerous stray dogs are more prevalent.

As I always tell Forest and Assistant Code Compliance Director Faye Williams, we can talk tough about enforcing code in our neighborhood meetings but their attentiveness and execution is what makes it possible. Here’s hoping that they get the money they need to execute this plan.


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