Political Campaigning 101 – Dealing with Tough Questions

This week, once again, Chelsea Clinton was asked a Lewinsky-related question. Once again, she gave the college student the “none of your business” approach.

If you’re going to be one of the top surrogates for a presidential candidate you should expect to get such questions. And you should have a polite, not arrogant, answer for such questions. I won’t give the proper answer, because I’d never help that campaign.

Now the dilemma: Chelsea’s dealing with college students. When you’re in college, all of you probably had a little provocateur in you that made us ask ‘that question’ to get a rise out of the presenter. When I was at Morehouse, I remember I did that to Terry McMillan since she was really hot at the time. Everybody went “oooooh” and I got a rise out of her. Great..something we can laugh about later in the college cafeteria.

That is the situation Chelsea is in right now. These college students are going to keep goading her and pushing her buttons.

No, she doesn’t have to answer. But her lack of political savvy is showing as well as coaching by Clinton’s campaign strategists. Y’all weren’t ready for this…TWICE?!

And she won’t catch a break for it in the press since she doesn’t talk to them; which doesn’t allow you to defend yourself. I’m an appointed city official, and I always answer to the press because you give yourself a chance to speak about the issue (in your own words).

At worse, they have to use a quote from you to make the story look even. YOU WIN.

She could’ve used it to her advantage, and blew it.


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