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Register to Vote on Facebook

April 25, 2008

That’s right, if you’re on Facebook you can register to vote online. Thanks to a group of students at University of Washington, the app ‘Your Revolution’ can now be added to your Facebook page. Check it out.

You can also invite your friends to vote. Hat tip to Jack and Jill Politics for the link.

Breaking News: NY Cops found Not Guilty

April 25, 2008

CNN just reported that the three cops involved in the Sean Bell shooting were found not guilty.

Sean Bell, 23, was killed hours before he was to be married on November 25, 2006 in a 50-shot barrage that also wounded his friends.

I pray that there will be calm in New York City this weekend.

Latest Indiana & North Carolina Polls – Obama vs. Clinton

April 25, 2008

Not to put too much weight into polls, but here are the most recent ones from Indiana:

UPDATE: New numbers are posted as of Friday May 2nd (link)

In this poll, the Clinton number is first.

RCP Average 04/10 – 04/24 45.5-44.3 Clinton +1.2

Research 2000 4/23 – 4/24 400 LV 47 %- 48% Obama +1.0
Downs Center 4/14 – 4/16 578 LV 45 – 50 Obama +5.0
LA Times/Bloomberg 04/10 – 04/14 554 LV 35- 40 Obama +5.0
SurveyUSA 04/11 – 04/13 571 LV 55- 39 Clinton +16.0

LV = Likely voters

How could one poll be Clinton +16%, when the others are so close? Who knows.

Now if you take out the one SurveyUSA poll, then the avg is Obama +3.7%

Survey USA is the only poll that went up for Clinton, and they don’t publish all of the questions. The last poll they took had Clinton +9%. But still, they haven’t polled in almost two weeks. Research2000 is the first poll taken post-PA, and it has Obama +1%

Now if you take out the one SurveyUSA poll, then the avg is Obama +3.7%

Survey USA is the only poll that went up for Clinton, and they don’t publish all of the questions. The last poll they took had Clinton +9%. But still, they haven’t polled in almost two weeks. Research2000 is the first poll taken post-PA, and it has Obama +1%

Here are the North Carolina polls:

In this poll, the Obama number is first.

RCP Average 04/10 – 04/21 51.3 %- 35.8% Obama +15.5

SurveyUSA 04/19 – 04/21 734 LV 50 -41 Obama +9.0
PPP (D) 04/19 – 04/20 962 LV 57-32 Obama +25.0
InsiderAdvantage04/14 541 LV 51-36 Obama +15.0
LA Times/Bloomberg 04/10 – 04/14 691 LV 47-34 Obama +13.0

Facts and Figures: Obama vs. Clinton

April 23, 2008

These numbers have been grabbed from various sources.

Pennsylvania Results: 99.44% Reporting

Clinton 1,258,748 54.7%
Obama 1,042,962 45.3%

Total Votes 2,301,710

Delegates: 158 tied to April 22 primary, 29 superdelegates

Delegates Gained in PA primary (est): Obama 74 Clinton 84 (Clinton +10)

Est % of remaining delegates needed to clinch:
Obama 30-32%, depending on the source
Clinton 68-70%.

Average of Polls for May 6th primaries:
North Carolina (115 delegates) – Obama +15.5%
Indiana (71 delegates) – Clinton +2.2%

(Guam has four delegates for their May 4th primary but no polls are available).

Some additional analysis from Robert Creamer of Huffington Post:

The fact is that to whatever degree Hillary might have more appeal among independent rural and blue collar voters, Obama more than makes up in additional appeal to independent suburban voters. Obama’s ability to mobilize new young and African American voters in the general election is indisputably greater than Clinton’s.
And of course, Obama will not go into the General Election burdened by the towering Clinton negatives that her own negative campaign strategy increases daily.


Finally is a fact that is generally overlooked by pundits. At the close of the primaries, Obama will not need a stampede of Super Delegates to clinch the nomination. In fact he will only need about 40% of those that remain today.

Let’s make the most conservative assumptions about the outcome of the remaining races: Guam, even; North Carolina, 58%-42% Obama; Indiana, 54%-46% Clinton; Kentucky, 60%-40% Clinton; West Virginia, 60%-40% Clinton; Oregon, 56%-44% Obama, Montana 56%-44% Obama; Puerto Rico, 60%-40% Clinton. That would leave Obama at 1,846 delegates at the close of the Primaries.

He would need only 41% of the Super Delegates remaining today to clinch the nomination with 2,025. And let’s remember, he has picked up almost one Super Delegate a day for the last month. There is no reason to believe he won’t keep picking up Super Delegates as the contest continues. So by the end of the primaries he will need an even lower percentage of the Super Delegates that remain.

Clinton has a tough road to go, and with the number of states left she is essentially out of opportunities to overtake Obama.

Manufactured Distractions are put on Notice

April 21, 2008

This is from the Colbert Report last week. Have a look:

2505 Turtle Creek is gone

April 20, 2008

Earlier today, 2505 Turtle Creek which was just noted as one of the city’s finest examples of midcentury architecture in today’s DMN is now a pile of rubble.

As one of the people that voted against the plan to turn the building into a hotel and condos with a liquor-serving restaurant, I can say that I voted against it because I thought various aspects of the plan needed work e.g. the traffic plan and having liquor near the park. We can only vote on land use and not issues of preservation (except in landmark commission appeals).

I realize that the building wasn’t protected, but this still sucks. And yes, maybe preservationists didn’t buy the building to save it but this still sucks.

I often vote for developers in many cases if I feel a zoning change is merited, but this ones burns me a little bit.

Maybe next time it would be nice to take the asbestos and freon out first before they demo the building. And oh yeah, post the demo permit next time. Nicely done.

Thanks for the Love

April 20, 2008

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DISD Bond Election Townhall Meetings

April 19, 2008

Here are the remaining townhall meeting being held by various trustees. Hopefully all interested people can attend. The dates are as follows.

Host Date Time Place
Trustee Lew Blackburn Monday, April 21, 2008 6:30pm Tommie Allen Recreation Center
Trustee Ron Price Wednesday, April 23, 2008 6:30pm MLK Jr. Recreation Center, 2922 ML King Dr.
Trustee Nancy Bingham & Trustee Ron Price Monday, April 28, 2008 6:30pm Pleasant Grove Library, 1125 S Buckner Blvd.
Trustee Jack Lowe Monday, April 28, 2008 6:30pm Skillman Southwestrn Branch Library, 5707 Skillman Street
Trustee Carla Ranger Monday, April 28, 2008 6:30 PM Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, 5150 Mark Trail Way
Trustee Leigh Ann Ellis Tuesday, April 29, 2008 7pm Central Luther Church, 1000 Easton Rd.
Trustee Ron Price Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:30pm Lakewood Branch Library, 6121 Worth Street
Trustee Dr. Edwin Flores Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:30pm Marcus Rec Center, 3003 Northaven Rd.
Trustee Leigh Ann Ellis Tuesday, May 06, 2008 7pm Owenwood United Methodist Church, Lakeland R. (by SS Conner ES)
Trustee Lee Ann Ellis & Trustee Jack Lowe Wednesday, April 23 7pm Ridgewood Recreation Center, 6818 Fisher Rd.

More on Imus

April 19, 2008

I thank all of you that sent your responses from all over the country.

It seems that the prevailing attitude is to ignore Imus and render him irrelevant.

This is exactly why I wanted to bounce this off of my nationwide people. To get a perspective. One of my favorite responses came from the AAPP, who said “forget about Don Imus he is yesterday’s news, unless we make him today’s news,” and Eddie Griffin who said, “another Imus boycott would be a standoff and a lot of time and energy wasted, plus the negative repercussions on the election.”

After some thought I agree with them – many of you have called him on his remarks but he doesn’t deserve our pub. Maybe he’s trying to inject himself into the conversation and get unmerited attention.

By the way, I hope you saw that Barack drew 35,000 people at his Philadelphia rally on Friday. My hometown made me proud; now it’s on to watching the PA primaries and beyond.

Don Imus is at it Again

April 18, 2008

This time, Imus uses expletives to describe Barack Obama on his radio show, words that we don’t use on this website.

Imus wanted attention, and now he’s got it. It’s time we ended this nonsense and ignorant discourse in what should be a great time in our nation’s politics.

I am calling on my political blogger nation (and we are deep, believe me) to put an end to Don Imus’ career, once and for all. The nationwide political blogger groups should be called into action.

Link to the video is here (from MediaMatters).

Please link to this post and put the info out to your readers and sources. Just like Dunbar Village, the war against B.E.T. and other topics, it’s time for us bloggers to take the lead and make the establishment stand up and take notice. Join us in calling for the end of Imus’ hate-radio career.