Motel Three will be closing in one month

The Motel Three at 3705 Bonnie View in South Oak Cliff (map) has been ordered to close on April 19th, 2008. It has been the site of multiple murders, aggravated assaults, and other violent crimes.

This has been long overdue. Thanks again to Pastors Tommy Brown of Ervay Cedar Baptist Church and Steven Sims of Greater Ideal Baptist Church for stepping up and out to effect change in their community. It takes real guts to address these places, and we are grateful to these two individuals. Dwaine and I cannot do it all on our own; we need continued community support to keep this effort moving forward.

As Deputy Chief Sherryl Scott and others work hard to reduce crime in this area, we as city officials must do our best to eradicate the areas of crime magnets such as hotel-sheet motels, drug houses, and car washes at which more crack rocks are sold than cars cleaned. Together, as we said during the campaign, we will take back District Four one block at a time.

Other motel stories can be found by clicking the motels label at the bottom of this post.


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