Dallas, You Let Me Down

I have been holding it in for two days but I can’t take it anymore. I’m disappointed at a lot of the coverage from many sources. Linking and posting to 911 calls linked to tragedies is behavior that I have always detested. Now we have that going, too. And who the heck cares about what Rufus got arrested for more than 20 years ago?! Does that really matter now?! From what I understand the charges were dismissed.

We can’t even grieve and have the process of a funeral for two beloved individuals in this community without turning it into a circus. But hey, maybe some of us have a conscience and the rest don’t give a darn what they see when they look in the mirror.

I would like to thank Brad Watson, Shaun Rabb, Steve Pickett and Craig Civale for trying to approach this tragedy with a high degree of professionalism and looking for different angles other than the same-old story.

The main haters, for the most part, have been silent. That too, is telling. You’re wondering who Rufus called ‘the haters’ in the black community? Look at his columns.

A lot of the posters on various blogs and news sites have used their hatred of the Mayor, Lynn, and Rufus on other issues and channeled it into hateful and moronic posts. Most of it is over some other issue they are mad about which has nothing to do with the circumstances. Most of the people have never set foot in City Hall and likely have a voting record that is spotty at best. Most are a bunch of do-gooders that want to opine about what happens in the minority community but couldn’t find Oak Cliff or South Dallas without a map.

I’m disgusted. I thought Dallas was better than this.


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