When you get a call in the middle of the night, it’s never good news. I am truly devastated.

Rufus Shaw and Lynn Flint Shaw were two people that I truly looked up to. Neither of them never pulled any punches, and contrary to most of the people that talk about our part of town (elected or not), they really cared about southern Dallas and did what they could to improve it and inspire others.

Beyond being known as a world record holder in high school track and field, Rufus was a writing and thought-provoking machine. He was a pundit before the term was prominent. His mind and spirit will be missed.

I still remember the conversation that Lynn and I had when my D Magazine story came out. Very few people in my part of town called me when it got published. But she did, and we talked for some time about the state of this city and her passion for improving the part of town in which we lived. Rufus is what I would call, one of ‘the realest.’ Rufus was a person that encouraged me to say what I felt, expose the truth, and to never back down from the haters.

They both made sacrifices in this town to speak their minds and tell things how they need to be told. All I can do is be grateful to them for welcoming me to Oak Cliff, encouraging me to write, and be active in my community. And now they’re both gone.

You never know what type of pressure people are under. This is a praying time.

Don’t look for any posts for the next day or so.


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