Really Hot Development Coming to Dallas

The LBJ Corridor in North Dallas is really about to change. There are several projects going on right now in that area, but none are as cool as what ICON Partners wants to develop at Noel Road & the 635 frontage (map). It’s the old Showcase Chevrolet site, as well as a old condo building north of the Chevy dealership. We just approved this yesterday at the City Plan Commission. The builder and their reps really had it together.

The pics I’ve seen online don’t really do this project justice. I wouldn’t call it a town center, because it’s really a whole neighborhood. High-rise hotel and retail. A 12-screen upscale movie theater. About 90,000 SF (I think) of restaurants. I don’t remember the exact square footage of everything in the project, but there’s a little bit of everything.

The owner said that they would spend about $1 Billion. It was inspired by ‘The Grove’ in Southern California (link).

We went back and forth about the signage but in the end the video signs will be static image along LBJ. But it will have huge moving image video signs on the interior streets. Remember, all of this is subject to City Council that may tweak it a little bit.

From a green building perspective, the project will likely comply with the EPA’s Energy Star Cool Roof program.

Again, the total investment is in upwards of $1 Billion. These are the types of projects that we need in certain areas, which also provide significant tax revenues to do the types of things we need to do in this city.

There is a lot to like about this project, and I look forward to seeing it built as planned.


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