Obama has more Experience than Clinton, and how to Texas Two-Step

For a long time, Hillary Clinton has been running on the false premise of experience.

Think about it. Barack started in the Illinois state legislature in 1997; Hillary started in ELECTED office in 2001. But that’s isn’t what election should be about. It should be about accomplishment. Barack has been responsible for multiple bills in Illinois and in Congress where positive laws were passed. Check out this link that compares the two candidates’ legislative records.

link to Obama legislative record vs. Clinton

Clinton, who has served only one full term and another year campaigning, has managed to author and pass into law 20 bills. In Obama’s first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427.

I don’t really care about who is committed to whom in terms of endorsements because of what was done for someone way back when. There are people like Rev. Joseph Lowery that have known the Clintons for over 30 years, but are still supporting Barack Obama.

The “favor for a favor” mentality is one that has our inner-city communities in the state in which they are in now. No one is indebted to anyone forever, the well-being of our communities and this country should outweigh any favors that someone did for any person or elected official on a personal basis.

To younger voters, like myself, these personal ties are insignificant. We are the ones coming out in droves to vote for Barack. We as a group have finally heeded the call and are voting for Obama. Will you allow yourselves to be misled once again? I didn’t think so.

Also, don’t be fooled by those that won’t tell you that you need to show up for your caucus. This is how you make sure that Hillary’s people don’t steal all of the delegates at the caucus. 67 of the 228 Texas delegates are up for grabs at the caucus so this is super-important.

* On Tuesday March 4th, be at your Democrat voting precinct AT 7PM to participate in the caucus. Go to the Democratic Party polling place listed. To find your voting precinct, use one of the two following links:

*Check on your registration by name (link)

*Check your registration by address (link)

Here’s a flyer that explains the Texas Two-Step (link to flyer).
Then, check out this video by Barack himself explaining the process (link to video).

While you’re at Barack’s website, check out his views and his plan for a better America.


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