Nancy from D Mag Rocks

I just wanted to give a shout to Nancy Nichols from D Magazine.

Late last week, I was up against the wall in terms of a dinner spot for Valentine’s Day (I’m a man, and these things happen). All of my planned spots were booked. For me, dinner with my wife on V-day is a must; not for the sake of doing it but because of all the stuff that I try to do in Dallas. My wife is the reason I can go all out trying to change this city knowing I have the support I need to do so. Yes, it’s real like that.

Barack has Michelle. Ossie Davis had Rudy Dee. I have mine.

I was stuck. I e-mailed Nancy and she suggested Craft and also Sevy’s, both of whom had spots still available. I decided to go with Sevy’s on Preston; the lower in decibel level of the two.

Sevy’s was also the scene of my first V-day dinner with my pretty wife way back when we were dating (long story).

Not only did Sevy (or Jimmy, I can never figure it out) get me seated when I showed up 30 minutes early with my lovely wife, but he got us a booth in the back. People were looking at us like we had pull or something. It was a good night.

The food was off the hook. Not to mention a free valet (take that, lower greenville)! Service was cool except for the waitress that didn’t thank me for the tip. Thanks again for making me look good on V-day. Credit is earned where credit is due.


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