Grow Up!

Or maybe this should be titled, brats come in all age brackets.

I read a blog post that showed that someone had registered a website suggesting a movement against Councilman Sheffie Kadane, who represents District Nine.

The registrant’s name and date of registry seems to be a response to the Councilman denying an overlay in their neighborhood earlier this week.

I always hear Sheffie being referred to as the guy that “sings Happy Birthday” at the council. What I have observed is that there is much more to the man. Sheffie is more than just mild-mannered; he is very smart guy and a class act in an area where his even hand and thoughtful actions go a long way.

I have seen the same outrageous comments at our commission, where some of these neighborhood groups accuse planners of being biased or unethical when they are simply trying to do their jobs. Some of the printed e-mails and letters we receive week in and week out are unbelievable.

I support some neighborhood overlays as a member of the City Plan Commission. In some areas, they do make sense. In some, they do not. Before you accuse me of bias, I actually supported this overlay when it came through CPC.

But really, to try to get rid of Sheffie just because an issue didn’t go your way is ridiculous. He denied the issue “without prejudice,” which means that they can come back as soon as they want with a new proposal. If he really wanted to stick it to you, he could have moved for “straight denial,” which would have made the neighborhood wait two more years.

Look at the big picture, take a deep breath, and grow up!


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