You’re Kidding…Right?

I have had some great meetings and built some relationships with folks at the Dallas Morning News surrounding the reporting of the paper and how it can be improved with respect to southern Dallas. Some of the writers do a great job, and many of the editors “get it” and are working to improve media-community relations. Some don’t.

I read today’s DMN paper and saw that there was an article written by one of the metro writers about the holiday party that some of the council attended a couple of days back. Also included in that article was a mention of the council retreat that occurred just after the inauguration.

Two words: who cares!

Really…are we seriously concerned with the City Council retreat from last summer? Who in the ‘hood really cares about if the Mayor and other officials went to someone’s Christmas party? So if I have a party at my place and invite the Mayor, some councilpeople, and others I have to invite a couple of reporters or everybody gets upset? It’s ridiculous. Plus, Dave Levinthal already covered the topic when it happened. To Dave’s credit, today he chose to write about the gift made to a Fair Park-area community that will transform the neighborhood.

It may make a couple people read but it does very little to effect real things in this city. People don’t care. We care about real issues. I care that the Mayor is constantly in Oak Cliff to bring the issues straight to negligent motel owners and derelict drug-house operators.

Thanks to reporters like Dave Levinthal and Scott Goldstein; the DMN should take good care of them. They are respected reporters in the community; you have to get out of the office to make that happen.


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