The Lack of Grocery Stores in Southern Dallas

Many news outlets, including the Dallas Morning News and the Observer , had articles about the lack of grocery stores in southern Dallas. My buddy Shawn Williams at Dallas Blog also had an article printed in the DMN that explored the various angle of this discussion. Larry James and Janet Morrison of CDM have also pounded the table on this issue. As you know, I also have been talking about this issue for some time, even on other blogs before Dallas Progress was started. My article in the December 2007 issue of D Magazine talks about this issue as well.

In recent days, several posters on local blogs opined on the reason for such a lack of grocery stores in the south. A couple of them had the nerve to say that “the sad reality is that poor people shoplift.” To them, I offer these stats:

*The Kroger next to Mockingbird station has 94 crimes year-to-date (Jan 1-Nov 21st).

*The Minyards in South Dallas next to Fair Park: 52 crimes year-to-date.

Some people just don’t get it… but hey that’s your opinion. I live what Dr. Berg is talking about in his recently released report, Access to Grocery Stores and Food Security in Dallas.

Fear of crime is just an excuse. The fact is we must bring the decision-making executives to southern Dallas to make change happen. The companies that have supermarkets in southern Dallas know they do a ton of business.

And contrary to some people’s ignorance, people in southern Dallas are NOT looking for handouts. We are more than willing to do our part. In fact, in District Four, we will soon be announcing a neighborhood grocery store that is investing millions to open a new business. You’ll hear about it in the next 1-2 months. Other stores are also being actively recruited.

A new day is coming. When you have the efforts of citizens combined with the political will to make change occur, a lot can be accomplished. It’s glad to see so many news outlets shining a light on this pressing issue.

Stay tuned.


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