Living in a Homeless Camp

The DMN has a heart-wrenching story about the homeless camp problem in Dallas.

There’s got to be something that can be done. I know that the new homeless shelter will have an open area, but we’ve got to do something about the people that live in the homeless camps.

The story references “Dignity Village” a city-sanctioned open-air camp. Here is their website, their myspace page, and their wiki. It looks like the homeless have built little shacks to accomodate themselves.

The land abutts the Portland International Airport and two country clubs. Click the picture to read the community rules.

The residents have set up their own government and well, as they have regular “Council Meetings.” The residents build each other furniture, and they cook for one another. After their homes become too run-down they are recycled and rebuilt. Local volunteers have built structures as well. Does this place really look that bad? I’ll always remember the homeless person I met when we had a community meeting for forward Dallas. He was as intelligent as anyone there. Sure, his clothes were run down and his glasses were broken but he is still a HUMAN BEING!

Can this be done in Dallas? I’m not sure. However, we are all God’s people, and we must all be afforded the opportunity to live with dignity.


One Response to “Living in a Homeless Camp”

  1. Middle-aged Woman Rambling Says:

    I am now homeless in Dallas – I have a dog that I don't want to leave behind so I don't want to go to a shelter. I have searched and searched for places to camp and the least expensive spot I've found so far is $240 per month. The problem is – even if I could make $240 per month the campground is so far from Dallas that there is no transit to get to work.Desperate in Dallas

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