I’m Glad it’s Over

This campaign brought out some tactics that truly disgusted me, which I blogged about last week.

The Vote Yes effort in the Black parts of Southern Dallas was a joke. To be effective in any campaign, you must win your own neighborhood. What did all that money pay for if you can’t win where you live and you had minimal people working? From the stupid Laura Miller flyers, to telling people things like “you’ll have to pay a toll to get out of Oak Cliff.” If people want to ignore stuff like that, fine. Whatever it takes, huh? Just like the anti-Tom Leppert flyers from this June. But the facts remain. And Vote Yes found out it is who you hire in the south, as many a good person in the past who wanted to win a campaign in the south has realized.

I have faith that the people on this City Council will do the right thing with respect to this project. A lot of good things will come out of this project, and now we must all work together to make sure that it will be the best project possible.

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