Where Have You Been?

People keep asking me where have I been on the Trinity referendum. Here’s your answer – I dropped out of the campaign a while back.

The bottom line is this. There are certain people I will never work with. You can guess who they are.

I also don’t agree with people coming down to City Council and campaigning during the public speaking time. Period – no excuses. It makes a mockery out of the process and is fake citizenry. Someone with concerns about crime, safety, and other issues gets bumped off of the morning Council schedule because it’s clogged with campaigners. If Vote No sent a bunch of people down there people on the other side would be crying foul.

You also don’t insult the intelligence of Black voters by using a flyer with Laura Miller plastered all over it. I’ve taken my hits at Laura, but she’s not even in office anymore.

I have been around politics my whole life, and this is a rule that should always be observed. Disagreement is one thing, but pseudo-civil unrest is another. Could you imagine how much of a circus the City Council meetings would have been in May and June if everyone that spoke at Council was tied to a Mayoral candidate?

There are people on the Vote No side for which I have a tremendous level of respect. And for fake civil discourse to be used to sully their reputations is not right. Dwaine, Tom Leppert, Jerry Allen, Dave Neumann, Linda Koop, and others deserve better. I don’t support any of that type of nonsense.

Make sure you go vote by next Tuesday.

You asked – and now you know.


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