Is Target just a Target?

There is a new Target store being built in Oak Cliff. The development in which it will be located is called Wheatland Town Crossing; it’s at the northwest corner of I-20 & Wheatland in front of Unity Estates (map). There is speculation as to whether this new store will be a SuperTarget or a regular Target. The development’s anchor sign went up recently and it does not say “SuperTarget” but simply “Target.”

There is an important distinction. As you know, SuperTarget is the regular Target store with a full grocery store inside. As I have written often, Oak Cliff is starving for new grocery stores. We already have a Target at the corner of Gannon & Cockrell Hill (map), although I suspect that this store will be closed once the new store is opened.

It is known that Target builds SuperTargets only in areas which they think are growing and thriving areas. It will be a great day when that store opens, but I hope that they believed enough in our area to open up a full-service SuperTarget.

It looks like Target will be joined by a Ross store, Marshall’s, Office Depot, and Aldi. The fact that Aldi is coming really makes it seem like this store will not be a SuperTarget.


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