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South Dallas Cultural Center Reopening!

October 31, 2007

As you know, I have written several times about the issues with the renovation and expansion of the South Dallas Cultural Center. The City was able to find a new contractor and now the center is reopening!

The City’s website has a press release which includes all of the events going on during the month of November. The SDCC is just east of Fair Park (map). Congrats to all of those that had a hand in making the new South Dallas Cultural Center a reality!

Where Have You Been?

October 31, 2007

People keep asking me where have I been on the Trinity referendum. Here’s your answer – I dropped out of the campaign a while back.

The bottom line is this. There are certain people I will never work with. You can guess who they are.

I also don’t agree with people coming down to City Council and campaigning during the public speaking time. Period – no excuses. It makes a mockery out of the process and is fake citizenry. Someone with concerns about crime, safety, and other issues gets bumped off of the morning Council schedule because it’s clogged with campaigners. If Vote No sent a bunch of people down there people on the other side would be crying foul.

You also don’t insult the intelligence of Black voters by using a flyer with Laura Miller plastered all over it. I’ve taken my hits at Laura, but she’s not even in office anymore.

I have been around politics my whole life, and this is a rule that should always be observed. Disagreement is one thing, but pseudo-civil unrest is another. Could you imagine how much of a circus the City Council meetings would have been in May and June if everyone that spoke at Council was tied to a Mayoral candidate?

There are people on the Vote No side for which I have a tremendous level of respect. And for fake civil discourse to be used to sully their reputations is not right. Dwaine, Tom Leppert, Jerry Allen, Dave Neumann, Linda Koop, and others deserve better. I don’t support any of that type of nonsense.

Make sure you go vote by next Tuesday.

You asked – and now you know.

Dallas and its Valets

October 31, 2007

FrontBurner had an interesting discussion on Dallas restaurants and their maddening practice of valet parking. Having traveled to many cities I can tell you that Dallas has the strangest method of valeting your car, especially when in some cases your car is parked 5-10 feet from the restaurant’s door. And how exactly do they get away with taking over free spaces to park? In Philly, some businesses have valet but most depend on parking lots in the neighborhood. You park on the street and walk, like normal people. To me, this is one of the biggest issues holding back downtown and other areas. My fear is that this practice spreads into neighborhoods as other areas in the City begin to develop.

Letters to the Editor

October 30, 2007

This letter is in today’s DMN. It’s good to know that people in District Four feel that Dwaine is making a difference.

South getting attention

I was so happy to see that something is finally happening in the southern sector. I live in Dwaine Caraway’s district.

The fact that Mr. Caraway has a good working relationship with Mayor Tom Leppert and other Dallas City Council members hardly means he has turned his back on black Dallas.

Things need doing in South Dallas and Mr. Caraway cannot get them done without the help and support of the mayor and other council members who historically have not worked well together.

I hope Dwaine Caraway will remember that the next time loud-mouthed has-beens are attacking him, and I certainly hope Mr. Leppert will continue to show them the door.

I also hope Mr. Caraway and Mr. Leppert will continue together to tear down drug houses and run off prostitutes.

Jeffrey Martin, Dallas

Did YOU vote?

October 29, 2007

The voter turnout for the November election is awful. We as a City should be embarrassed. This election will decide the fate of one of the most important projects in the history of our City. Yet less than 15,000 people have decided that it was important to have their voice.

Whether you Vote Yes or No, you should go and vote. Is five minutes of your time worth it to help determine the course of our City? Prove it.

There are also 16 state amendments that require your attention. The League of Women Voters (link) has a good breakdown with pros and cons for each side.

Thank you to those that have voted and will vote by November 6th.

No More Southern Sector

October 29, 2007

My homie Shawn Williams at Dallas South Blog wants us to bury the term “Southern Sector” (link). I agree. I’ve always preferred the term Southern Dallas, because I look at the term “Southern Sector” as a way for groups to act like they care about Dallas when they continue to build and develop the outlying suburbs at our expense.

Is Target just a Target?

October 29, 2007

There is a new Target store being built in Oak Cliff. The development in which it will be located is called Wheatland Town Crossing; it’s at the northwest corner of I-20 & Wheatland in front of Unity Estates (map). There is speculation as to whether this new store will be a SuperTarget or a regular Target. The development’s anchor sign went up recently and it does not say “SuperTarget” but simply “Target.”

There is an important distinction. As you know, SuperTarget is the regular Target store with a full grocery store inside. As I have written often, Oak Cliff is starving for new grocery stores. We already have a Target at the corner of Gannon & Cockrell Hill (map), although I suspect that this store will be closed once the new store is opened.

It is known that Target builds SuperTargets only in areas which they think are growing and thriving areas. It will be a great day when that store opens, but I hope that they believed enough in our area to open up a full-service SuperTarget.

It looks like Target will be joined by a Ross store, Marshall’s, Office Depot, and Aldi. The fact that Aldi is coming really makes it seem like this store will not be a SuperTarget.

PPT at Lee Harveys

October 26, 2007

This Saturday, the infamous Lee Harvey’s is having it’s Third Annual Halloween Bash Up featuring PPT, Shanghai 5, and many others. The festivities start at 8PM. Pikahsso is my homie, straight up. My long lost South Dallas cousin. More like my soon-to-be Grammy nominated cousin!

Most people don’t know that a 3-4 years ago when we met up, Pikahsso was one of the first people to get me on the air and allow me to talk to the youth and young adults during his shows. Pikahsso and his co-hosts gave me this crazy nickname which some of y’all know. I appreciate all of the conversations over the years.

Just remember this line homie …. we know the lines to live by as we ignore the haters:

“End of the story, I followed the code, I cracked the safe/
Other cats ain’t in the game, so they practice hate.”

Anyway, come through if you can. Witness another positive hop-hip and rock event with a bunch of groups that have talent for days.

Thank You to Turner Courts!

October 26, 2007

Thank you to all the people in Turner Courts in South Dallas for the kind e-mails. I hope the little things I try to help you with pay off in the long run.

You see the obstacles that we have in our way, but they can only remain if we give up and let the haters win. You know I’m with you, and I thank you for being with me.

Janet Morrison’s blog really hit me today – it made me think of all of the struggles I went through to get my college degree. You all are blessed to have her in your neighborhood, and I know she feels the same about you.

A Note of Information

October 26, 2007

Today, someone attempted to post using the name “John Wiley Sellout.” Your comments will not be posted.

For my readers, please do not attempt to post comments on this blog using the names of citizens or elected officials in a slanderous fashion. There are many others in the blogosphere that will accommodate you.

While I do not agree with all citizens or elected officials at all times including Price or any others, even those that I do not agree with have the right to not be slandered.

We base things on real information, and you can create your own blog for that nonsense.