Being in the Trenches

Janet Morrison. You must meet her. And you must meet her “kids.”

Do you know where Turner Courts is located? Do you? No? It’s here. Have you ever been there? You should go to witness what I’ve seen.

Janet runs an after-school academy with the kids in Turner Courts with the help of some of the parents in that area. She is performing small miracles everyday in South Dallas.

While most pander to the kids in her area, Janet shows that she loves those kids by doing real work. And before you think she is someone who just drives from the burbs to help the disadvantaged, she lives in southern Dallas also.

Recently, Janet has been focusing on the plight of her students that have made it to college. She’s had some successes, and she’s lost some kids as well.

During the summer, Janet focused on nutrition and even took the kids to Central Market to experience a different environment. It may seem basic to you, but to these kids it was an eye-opening experience. Fresh food and opportunities for healthy-food choices are a luxury.You see, there are no full-service grocery stores within several miles. The closest one is the raggedy Minyard’s near Fair Park and the under-construction DART line.

I often read Janet’s blog and that of her “kids” to keep perspective in what it is we’re trying to do in this City.

Check out her blog here, and check out the blog of her After School Academy here.

I feel privileged to have her helping the children of District Four.


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