Dirtbag Landlord Leaves Tenants Hot

People like this give landlords a bad name. Channel 11 reports that tenants at the Grove Village Apartments (link) on Loop 12 near Jim Miller in Pleasant Grove (map) don’t have air conditioning; in fact some tenants haven’t had air for weeks. These people deserve better!

Not surprisingly, the owner (Guardian Management) is based way out of state in Portland, Oregon. They also own a complex around the corner from Grove Village called Pleasant Village (map). I’m sure the landlord is nice and cozy in their Portland high-rise while their tenants sweat away the summer.

They got $6.2 million in housing tax-credits from the State of Texas for Grove Village, and $6 million from the State of Texas for Pleasant Village. You’d think after getting $12.2 million in tax-credits last year that they could kick in for a few A/C units.

Stella Payne from Channel 11 reports.


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