We’ll Miss Sarah Dodd

Yesterday, Robert at Unfair Park reported that Sarah Dodd was leaving Ch. 11 for parts unknown. It’s possible that she is done with journalism. That’s a shame; I always thought she’d be around for the next 20 years.

Sarah seemed to go the extra mile when it came to reporting the story. If it was a suspect public project, she had the blueprints. She had a flair for the dramatic at times, but she usually had the facts as well.

I met Sarah a little more than two years ago through a friend of mine when we were kicking off Vote No (Anti-Strong Mayor #1). She’ll be missed.

Sarah was charming when she needed to be and a determined fireball when necessary. You could not back her down, and she broke more stories than a few. Sarah had a style all her own, and I think people will appreciate her more now that she’s gone.


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