Clarifications on the Trinity River Project, Federal Edition

I received this memo from Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s office. It talks specifically about the Dallas Floodway Project and the 2007 Water Resources Development Act Request. Congresswoman Johnson is the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment of the House of Representatives. The memo is unedited.




Water Resources Development Act Request (2007)

  • The Dallas Floodway accepts 1,600 square miles of Trinity River watershed runoff and safely moves the floodwaters through the City of Dallas by virtue of levees that form both sides of the 2,000-foot wide floodway.

  • The Dallas Floodway levees protect downtown Dallas vicinity from a potential flood damage loss to properties and infrastructure of $8 billion or more.

  • The 23 miles of levees for the Dallas Floodway were originally constructed by local interests in 1932 and reconstructed by the Corps in 1960.

  • Since 1960, the upstream watershed has experienced several million in exploding population growth that was not expected, which has significantly increased runoff and reduced the flood protection afforded by the Dallas Floodway levees.

  • The Balanced Vision Plan for the Trinity River Corridor in Dallas includes a master plan that was approved in December 2003 and amended in March 2004.

  • The Balanced Vision Plan includes flood control, environmental restoration, and recreation initiatives that can be accomplished between the levees for an 8-mile stretch of the Dallas Floodway.

  • The ultimate plan is estimated to cost $459,000,000, with an estimated Federal cost of $298,000,000 and an estimated non-Federal cost of $161,000,000 if the Secretary determines that the project is technically sound and environmentally acceptable.

  • Specific project components include:

    • levee raises / stabilization for additional flood protection for downtown Dallas
    • bridge modifications for additional flood protection and river meandering
    • 90-acre and a 60-acre flood conveyance lakes that will contribute to flood control, environmental restoration, and recreation
    • lake recharge system that will provide a reuse of wastewater treated discharge for water quality and recreation purposes
    • over 400 acres of new wetlands within the Dallas Floodway
    • miles of trails, park roads, and public access points for visitation
    • recreation playing fields
    • Trinity River meandering and riparian habitat to replace a previously straightened river channel
    • Upgrades and Modernization of Levee Pumps

  • WRDA-2007 authorization would aid the overall schedule completion for the Corps’ Dallas Floodway study, which in turn, assists the study completion schedule for a separate project, the Trinity Parkway project, which has gained priority Federal streamlining status.

  • WRDA request would provide credit toward future City nonfederal share for City money spent prior to project cooperation agreement, $1.07 million thus far.

  • The City of Dallas currently has about $29 million available as part of largest bond referendum ever approved by City voters for local match, and more fund raising efforts are underway.


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